1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

The title is a little dramatic, but that is what it can seem like when plans change. As you know from previous blogs, I work full time during the daylight hours as an Archivist. Well, I made the foolish call of scheduling a 1WC during the same week that I was tasked with moving my whole Archive. Not a good idea. Needless to say, I did not really accomplish much towards the goal that I had set forth. Something about moving thousands of pounds of documents by hand made me too tired to want to do anything else. Go figure. … Continue reading 1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

1WC: Setting Up a YouTube Channel

One Week to edit, polish, and ready a show for YouTube release In my last challenge, I worked on becoming a freelance writer. It is a goal that I have been striving towards for some time and the act of putting it down on paper, or screen if you will, caused me to work toward the goal. There is a certain power in writing something down, a commitment to it that does not come with simply stating it. The spirit of the 1WC (1 Week Challenge for new folks) is to take something that I have been passively working towards … Continue reading 1WC: Setting Up a YouTube Channel