Best Mods to Keep Fallout: New Vegas Fresh

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best in the series and mods help keep it going ten years later Fallout is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, and New Vegas is the best of the bunch. Yes, yes, I know it is a matter of opinion, but between the story and the in-depth game world, it is in the running. I wrote an article about this for, so I am posting it here so folks can go check it out. Here is the direct link: Fallout: New Vegas’ Best Mods Ever If you get … Continue reading Best Mods to Keep Fallout: New Vegas Fresh

Great Growth! Urban Gardening Around the World

This article was published in Footprint Magazine Just a little post today to inform folks about a new article that I had published. It is about urban gardening around the world and I talk about gardening in London, Singapore, and Detroit. Each city has a unique approach to growing food, so I talk about them. I will provide a nice big link here: Great Growth! Urban Gardening Around the World I have continued to write for GoCollect as well, here are just a few of my latest articles: Five Terrible Games We Wish Were Jokes Five Smart Video Game Investments … Continue reading Great Growth! Urban Gardening Around the World

What Are We? A Generational Diatribe

Each generation influences the next, here is a quick look into the past to try and examine the future Let’s take a look back in history, its something I like to do while I try to put a bead on exactly where my generation lies. I was born in 1985 to clear up where I land on the temporal timescale. What sort of expectations can we have for the future? Science Fiction and speculation aside, though I love those as well, where is the country and the world going? I vacillate between worry and optimism as I try to envision … Continue reading What Are We? A Generational Diatribe

Writing for Go Collect

Hello! It’s been a while as I have been helping my life partner put together her kids show for the internet. It was originally destined for YouTube, but now that YouTube has made it almost impossible for children’s programming to be profitable on the platform, we have had to take a hard look at our plans. Disruptions happen, but acknowledging that does not make it any easier when it occurs. We will land on our feet as we find a place for her quality content to live. I have not just been sitting on my laurels but writing has not … Continue reading Writing for Go Collect

Story Writing Tips for Long Form Writing

After a hiatus from writing, I have returned to start typing up the thing that got me started on this crazy journey, my book. For those of you who don’t know, which is almost everyone as I never discuss it, I have put together an idea for a series of books. The first book in this series is titled “At the Edge of Light, Darkness Falls”. Here is a short synopsis: Travel with Miles, a journalist and historian, as he chronicles an adventure of discovery through post-civilization America. Joined by a security detail and his ever present curmudgeon of a photographer, Miles will … Continue reading Story Writing Tips for Long Form Writing

1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

The title is a little dramatic, but that is what it can seem like when plans change. As you know from previous blogs, I work full time during the daylight hours as an Archivist. Well, I made the foolish call of scheduling a 1WC during the same week that I was tasked with moving my whole Archive. Not a good idea. Needless to say, I did not really accomplish much towards the goal that I had set forth. Something about moving thousands of pounds of documents by hand made me too tired to want to do anything else. Go figure. … Continue reading 1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

1WC: Setting Up a YouTube Channel

One Week to edit, polish, and ready a show for YouTube release In my last challenge, I worked on becoming a freelance writer. It is a goal that I have been striving towards for some time and the act of putting it down on paper, or screen if you will, caused me to work toward the goal. There is a certain power in writing something down, a commitment to it that does not come with simply stating it. The spirit of the 1WC (1 Week Challenge for new folks) is to take something that I have been passively working towards … Continue reading 1WC: Setting Up a YouTube Channel

7 Days to Change Your Ways update and new article on Vocal

As you probably guessed from the title, this is not going to be a full article but more of any update. I’ll cover the most relevant ground first. After feeling like I didn’t meet the mark in my last challenge, something cool happened. I kept with it, for once. After the challenge I have gotten into the habit of sending about a pitch a day to keep things moving. Not the 30 I was shooting for, but it is consistent. The second key part of the process is follow up. I have been following up to every pitch about two … Continue reading 7 Days to Change Your Ways update and new article on Vocal