7 Days to Change Your Ways update and new article on Vocal

Stay on the path! Thanks Levi Bare on Unsplash for the cool photo.

As you probably guessed from the title, this is not going to be a full article but more of any update. I’ll cover the most relevant ground first. After feeling like I didn’t meet the mark in my last challenge, something cool happened.

I kept with it, for once.

After the challenge I have gotten into the habit of sending about a pitch a day to keep things moving. Not the 30 I was shooting for, but it is consistent. The second key part of the process is follow up. I have been following up to every pitch about two to three days later. Well, something great happened. I got my first consistent gig! So, I would say that I was able to change my ways in 7 days and it paid off. I did have some advantages to the writer that is just delving into the these waters. A website that I built with writing samples that I’ve accumulated, but I am firmly confidant that someone with the right drive could easily accomplish what I have.

For the second note, I published an article last week on my Vocal account. It is titled “What Happened to the Contested Convention?” and it talks about three examples of American political conventions that went far past the first ballot to pick a nominee. I also discuss how having constructive, forceful debate at a political convention is a good thing to bring in fresh ideas. Hope all is well otherwise and I will be getting out a blog post later this week before I start my next 1WC. What is the challenge this time?

It involves video editing and getting a YouTube channel up and running, but I’ll just leave you with that teaser. You’ll have to read the blog post next Monday to find out more.

One more cool thing that happened:

I am a Sci-fi junkie, so much so that I am in the process of writing my own Sci-fi novel. I will talk about that at a later date, but I have written articles on the subject of science fiction before. Probably my favorite Sci-fi novel of all time is the Postman by David Brin. It has aspects of social development in a post civilization world along with supercomputers and bionically augmented humans. Y’know, the usual great science fiction stuff. Well, I was on David Brin’s official website and I saw that he had linked to my article about Ten Science Fiction Books that Changed the Genre Forever! It’s the little things, people.

Until next time, stay safe and wash your hands.



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