Writing for Go Collect

Hello! It’s been a while as I have been helping my life partner put together her kids show for the internet. It was originally destined for YouTube, but now that YouTube has made it almost impossible for children’s programming to be profitable on the platform, we have had to take a hard look at our plans. Disruptions happen, but acknowledging that does not make it any easier when it occurs. We will land on our feet as we find a place for her quality content to live.

I have not just been sitting on my laurels but writing has not been in my work schedule lately. This should be a post on video and audio editing as I’ve been doing a buttload of that, but perhaps that will be another time. This is just a little update to set up a quick link to some writing I’ve been doing for Go Collect about the collectible video game market. It deals mainly with the retro classics right now, but I will be covering all sorts of gaming consoles. There is only one article, Five Smart Investments for the Super Nintendo, but a second related to the Sega Genesis will be published soon. Take a look and tell me what you think!


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