1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

The title is a little dramatic, but that is what it can seem like when plans change. As you know from previous blogs, I work full time during the daylight hours as an Archivist. Well, I made the foolish call of scheduling a 1WC during the same week that I was tasked with moving my whole Archive. Not a good idea. Needless to say, I did not really accomplish much towards the goal that I had set forth. Something about moving thousands of pounds of documents by hand made me too tired to want to do anything else. Go figure. … Continue reading 1WC Delayed! Shock and Horror!

One Week Challenge: A Summary of my first 1WC

There is a reason that I was so apprehensive about doing another 1WC. As you will see from the post below, the results from my first go around were mixed. I have identified some of the problems with my first model and will talk about them in my blog post on Sunday, after my first day of the new challenge. This was originally posted on September 10, 2018. Things do not always play out according to plan. In my previous post I had laid out plans for a one week challenge to get all of my goals back on track. … Continue reading One Week Challenge: A Summary of my first 1WC