Backlog Blog Blowout

I used to have another website that was called “Carriveau Custom Creations”. I know, I know, it’s a little wordy, that’s why I scaled things back on my new site. The concept behind my first site was to try and create a showcase for the many interests that I have, whether it be writing, drawing, or graphic design. When push came to shove, I realized that that trying to cover that much ground while dedicating the time fully needed to excel at all of those pursuits was nearly impossible. For me at least, I’m sure there are supremely talented folks that can bring their full intensity to all of those activities with equal vigor.

So, I focused on writing, something that has always felt natural anyhow. My old website was a representation of that, covering too much ground and becoming neglected. When I realized this, I shut it down and am now focusing on my truest passion: Writing. There are things from that old website that do still have some value, and those are the posts from my blog, Tune In! I will be republishing them on this site and then expanding on them with new writing. Enjoy, and its good to be back!


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