10 Smart Video Game Investment Ideas for N64

With the first million dollar seller, the N64 is a hot console for investment

Collectibles investment can be a hard nut to crack. Sometimes value is associated with age, something that is very common in comic books. Other times, rarity is the key, such as in stamp collecting. The N64 is neither the oldest, nor the rarest of systems, yet it offers a wide variety of valuable investments. It was actually pretty tough to figure out a top ten for this system, as there are just so many games out there selling well. Here is a look at some games that hold value now and should continue to do so in the future.

Super Mario 64

1) Super Mario 64

When the N64 first came out, Super Mario 64 was a game changer. The fully 3D environment was a wonder to behold and a pleasure to play around in. Nostalgia might be part of the reason as to why this is one of the biggest video game earners of all time. A graded copy recently sold for over a million dollars! Now, they all won’t sell for that, but this is a game that tends to move pretty easily. There is a volatility to the sales of this game that make it a real crap shoot as to how to rate the values of a new in box game. Within a week there was a sale for $299 and $15,999, so that is quite the range.

Loose: 25.96 CIB: 126.99 New: 2378.94

See it on eBay

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

2) Conkur’s Bad Fur Day

Rarity is the word for this controversial game. Nintendo veered away from its kids friendly design with copious amounts of violence, swearing, and adult themed jokes, Conkur’s Bad Fur Day definately made a mark. It came out towards the end of the system lifecycle and had a lower print run due to this. That combination of rarity and controversy make this one of the best investment video games for the Nintendo 64.

Loose: 120.58 CIB: 314.43 New: 785.36

See it on eBay

Clay Fighter: The Sculptor’s Cut

3) Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut

Keeping with the theme, this is one of the rarest games for the system. An upgrade to the the poorly received Clay Fighter: 63 1/3, there is a reason for the scarcity of this game. It was initially released as a Blockbuster rental only, meaning that you could not even purchase the game. Though Blockbuster would sometimes have giveaways to distribute the game, it is incredibly rare due to never having an actual retail release.

Loose: 817.64 CIB: 3509.53 New: 8147.82*

See it on eBay

*The new sales data on this one is not very reliable. This was listed on Price Charting, but I could not find the corresponding sale listed and there were none listed on Game Value Now. I suspect a new copy of this game would hold very high value.

4) Stunt Racer 64

Stunt Racer 64

Another game that is helped by rarity and Blockbuster Video, Stunt Racer 64 is a racing game released near the end of the N64’s run. As a Blockbuster purchase and rental exclusive, it did not see wide retail release. Oftentimes the box and manual were destroyed for copies to enter rental status, adding to the scarcity of Complete In Box or New In Box games.

Loose: 474.13 CIB: 1272.67 New: 3389.68

See it on eBay

5) Super Bowling 64

Super Bowling

I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is a bowling game doing on the list? Whenever a game is released late in a platform’s lifecycle, it tends to have a lower production run as the manufacturer has moved onto developing its next generation of product. Lower print and production runs equal rarity which equals value. Super Bowling 64 wasn’t an especially good game, but since it falls into the category of rarity, it has become one of the most valuable games for the N64.

Loose: 520.99 CIB: 851.26 New: 1150

See it on eBay

6) Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

The Bomberman series is a staple of the early Nintendo universe and the original Bomberman 64 was well received. The sequel on the other hand was not very well received, but it was released late in the lifecycle of the N64, so it contains big value. When you combine the rarity of a smaller print run and the name recognition of a popular, well established game series, you get a good investment.

Loose: 244.36 CIB: 684.37 New: 1767.25

See it on eBay

7) Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Speaking of flagship game series, the only one that can match Mario for Nintendo is Zelda. There are Zelda releases for every iteration of Nintendo consoles, and there always seems to be one that is a big earner. With a robust game world that was finally able to give Zelda the treatment it was always asking for, this game is a landmark in the series and on the console.

Loose: 39.17 CIB: 125.39 New: 563.12

See it on eBay

8) Banjo-Kazooie


As the runner-up in platformer popularity, ’cause nobody tops Mario, this sought after game is one of the most steady movers for the N64. A story of a bear and his bird, this game is almost guaranteed to sell. It’s value seems to come from the the fact that this was one of the most beloved games on the N64. The sequel, Banjoe Tooie is also a strong performer.

Loose: 33.55 CIB: 119.68 New: 513.33

See it on eBay

9) Mario Party

Mario Party

Who doesn’t love a party? Add Mario and his eclectic cast of friends and enemies and you have the making of one of the best party games ever made. I love the Mario Party games and this was the original, so that gives it some value. In all reality, any Mario Party game will sell well, whether it is on the GameCube, Wii, or the N64. I am selecting the first one as a representative, but if you can get your hands on any of them for a good price, you should snatch it up. There has been some cooling on sales of this lately, but I expect it will continue to hold value.

Loose: 34.41 CIB: 121.27 New: 340.68

See it on eBay

10) Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

The N64 was the first Nintendo console to offer edgier games to players. Before this time, you had to deal with purple blood and family friendly games. Now, that is not the worst thing, but as a fan of survival horror games I was pleased to see Nintendo start to embrace games for older gamers. Resident Evil is one of the most enduring video game series of all time, and that adds value across multiple platforms. This game is a good investment for almost any platform, and can sell for decent money on this one especially well as it is the only installment on the system.

Loose: 44.14 CIB: 137.65 New: 260.33

See it on eBay

Final Thoughts

Well, that seals up the list for 10 Smart Video Game Investments for the Nintendo 64. The system itself offers great value as well. If you can locate one for a good price, you should take that opportunity.

Pro Tip: If buying and N64 system, be sure to check if the memory expansion pack is included. It gives the system the necessary power to run certain games and is expensive to buy on its own. Trust me, I know from experience.

The N64 is a blast to play. It catapulted Nintendo into the 3-D era and has some of the best games made by the company. Mario Kart 64 is arguably the best of the series, and hidden gems such as Jet Force Gemini that continue to be fun to play.

I use Price Charting and Game Value Now when checking on pricing. Video game investment is a very fluid market. Please go to the above mentioned sites for up to the moment pricing. These games were selected because they should hold long term value. The prices reflected are those as of the writing of the article.


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