Collectible Video Game Investment Guide

A beginners look at the up and coming world of video game investment

I’ve written multiple articles about video game investment ideas but I realized that I have never put together a full explainer. As I write for Vocal from time to time, I decided to throw one up on there. I will have a link below, but it goes through the basics such as the what CIB actually means and how grading works. It also talks about some of the valuable consoles that are out there, which is pretty convenient as I will be putting together a Valuable Vintage Consoles list later in the week. Here’s the article if you want to check it out on Vocal.

So…Collectible Video Game Investment is a Thing Now

Thanks for reading and as always, reach out to me on the Contact page with any questions related to video game investment. If anyone has a favorite console or handheld that they would want to see a list for, I’d love to hear it.




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