One Week Challenge: A Summary of my first 1WC

There is a reason that I was so apprehensive about doing another 1WC. As you will see from the post below, the results from my first go around were mixed. I have identified some of the problems with my first model and will talk about them in my blog post on Sunday, after my first day of the new challenge. This was originally posted on September 10, 2018. Things do not always play out according to plan. In my previous post I had laid out plans for a one week challenge to get all of my goals back on track. … Continue reading One Week Challenge: A Summary of my first 1WC

One Week Challenge: How I took One Week to Get Five Goals Back on Track

In the spirit of my upcoming return to the 1WC (1 Week Challenge), I am posting my original challenge and the follow-up. I plan to begin the next challenge this Saturday, May 2nd 2020. Enjoy! This was originally published on August 22nd, 2018 Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, in fact I’ve written about it before. It’s a human thing, that part of us that is creative and filled with ideas can clash with the reality of the world. Family, bills, and a day job get top billing as they should, along with all of the other … Continue reading One Week Challenge: How I took One Week to Get Five Goals Back on Track

7 Days to Change Your Ways: Becoming a Freelance Writer

Can one week of hard work change your life? Let’s find out! I’m a believer in the moon shot. For folks who are unfamiliar with term, it is essentially setting a goal that seems too great or grand to be true, and then sticking with it until the the job is done. I know it is hard to look at the current times and view this as a time of opportunity. A pandemic is raging and there is instability in both the labor market and society in general. Another thing has also become obvious; the inherent risk of counting on … Continue reading 7 Days to Change Your Ways: Becoming a Freelance Writer

Backlog Blog Blowout

I used to have another website that was called “Carriveau Custom Creations”. I know, I know, it’s a little wordy, that’s why I scaled things back on my new site. The concept behind my first site was to try and create a showcase for the many interests that I have, whether it be writing, drawing, or graphic design. When push came to shove, I realized that that trying to cover that much ground while dedicating the time fully needed to excel at all of those pursuits was nearly impossible. For me at least, I’m sure there are supremely talented folks … Continue reading Backlog Blog Blowout

Writing is Power!

Hello all, It has been a while since I had a website to host my writing, but here we are. I have been posting on Vocal in the meantime, but will start orienting my writing to fit the format of my new site. My blog, Tune In!, will be starting up again along with information related to my book, Darkness Falls at the Edge of Light, and my wayward comic collection and auction business Comic Jones. Content will ramp up because everyone is stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so why not give folks something to read? So, stay … Continue reading Writing is Power!